private Puppy Training

$349.00  puppies 8-16 weeks of age - Online

$399 Puppies 8-16 weeks of age - In home

Welcome and Congratulations on your new puppy!

We are now offering in home puppy training & online training!

Early puppy hood is a critical time for socialization and learning. Graceful Little Paws puppy sessions can help your puppy reach their full potential.

Training your puppy at the ages from 8-16 weeks can help prevent your puppy by being reactive or fearful in the long run.

What will I need for Online Private Puppy sessions?

You will need:

  •  A computer with a camera 

  • Zoom, (you can download this onto your computer)

  • Puppy treats

  • Puppy toys

  • Puppies bed

  • Puppies Lead

How long is the program and what is involved in the private puppy training?

Weekly 45 minute sessions for 5 weeks.

  • Teaching the basic behaviors, sit, come, stay, leave it etc.

  • Toilet training  

  • Socializing your puppy for the real world

  • Helping to prevent and or redirecting unwanted behaviors such as, jumping, nipping, chewing etc.

  • We teach you how to read your puppies body language, answer all your questions you have & most of all making this training experience fun for you and your puppy!

We cant wait to meet you & your puppy!


Do you have anymore questions about online  puppy lessons?

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