Day Training is a private training option where we train your dog while you are at work.

We start with an initial consult and create a tailored package for you. Then we train your dog while you're at work, this may take a few sessions, then we follow up with you to teach you to reinforce the behaviours yourself.


Please note: During the consult , Grace may decide that a specialist is needed and Grace will refer you on to a local veterinary behaviourist. 

Behaviours that we can help with!

  • Jumping 

  • Pulling on lead

  • Addressing destructive behaviours

  • Recall

  • Reactivity 

  • Barking

initial consultation $119.00

1 hour

Does this service include my dog taken out for a walk to?

Yes, we can add dog walking to this service for additional price of $30.00 for an hour walk.

How many sessions do you offer for Day Training?

As many as it takes to get the goal behaviour, each dog is different and learns differently, for some dogs they pick up training quickly and for some dogs they can take a little while to process the training.

Do we get sent updates on how the training sessions are going?

Yes absolutely! After each session we will send you an update on how the session went, what we worked on and even cute photos!

Would you like to ask a question about Day Training?

Send us an email at -

We are looking forward to hearing from you!

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