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MONTHLY TEXT OR EMAIL Training - email support

$54.99 AUD


Get ongoing training answers and advice. You will be able to email or text us questions for all your problem behaviours that you have going on with your puppy or dog. WhatsApp is available for international clients. You’ll get answers within 24 hours on the weekdays and at least one answer on weekends. 

This service is best suited for self-motivated people whose dogs have ongoing issues. 

Please note: We do not offer training advice for aggression cases contact us and we can refer you to a positive behavioral trainer in your area.

What is involve in the monthly subscription program?
  • You will receive a reply to your message within 24 hours and at least one reply on weekends
  • Videos of your puppy or dog problem behaviours are welcome.
What can we help with?
  • Toilet Training

  • Pulling on lead

  • Jumping Up

  • Mouthing

  • Chewing

  • Digging

  • Coming when called

This service is not necessarily well-suited for dogs with multiple compounding issues (ie, barks at strangers, other dogs,  suffers from separation anxiety)

Do you have anymore questions about online  puppy lessons?

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